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How Do I Place An Order ?

The best way is to call us at 610-467-5728 and speak with us directly, or come visit us at our facility. We will go over all the necessary details with you to ensure you receive the right structure for you.

Or fill out this order form in pdf - Click Here-and email to us @

Our address is:
1423 Martin Street East Earl PA. 17519

Deposit & Payment Options ?

After placing the purchase for a storage building, our company asks for a 50% deposit.

The remainder of your balance is due on day of delivery.

We accept credit cards, money orders, check and cash payments.

We offer you a 2% discount if payment is made by check or cash.

All checks and money orders must be sent out to:

1423 Martin Street East Earl PA. 17519

Delivery Process?

For delivery of our Portable Buildings, our storage shed mule completes the job. To see a video of the shed mule in action, please - Click Here.

Large, heavy trucks can’t fit into tight spaces, and can easily cause damage. We designed the shed mule technology so we could serve more customers and access these tight spaces.

The shed mule is compact, lightweight, and durable, and can easily navigate your storage shed, or even a portable garage, onto your property and place it in the location of your choosing.

For Larger Garages And Prefabs, Waterloo Structures personnel will come to your prepared site to complete the assembly of your structure.

Customers are required to have a prepared and level site ready for the assembly.

Delivery Not An Option ?

We recognize that in some cases there is not sufficient space for safe delivery of a prefabricated structure. This is usually due to trees or fences.

However, you can still enjoy a quality custom made Waterloo Structure, as we are prepared to build and assemble your structure for you on site.

Please contact us to inquire on fees.

Please note, for larger buildings showcased on our website, prices shown include the fee for the onsite build.

Delivery Cost ?

Costs to have your structure delivered directly to your home and set in place vary based on your location.

Delivery costs are computed based on the number of miles where you are located, minimum cost is $4.00 a mile one way - Click Here - For Google Map

For an accurate and complimentary quote for your location, please call us at 610-467-5728 or email us at

Site Prep For Your Structure ?

Click Here For Site Prep

The dimensions of the pad should account for a minimum of one extra foot on all sides.

So if your structure is 10 feet by 12 feet, your recommended pad size should be 12 feet by 14 feet.

Also recommend the following organization if you need assistance preparing your site:

Site preparation costs - Click Here -

Space Needed For Delivery?

We require at least 2 feet plus the width of your building in order to deliver your structure.

If the width of your structure is 10 feet, then we require a full 12 feet for delivery.

For Upgraded models and the Quaker Style structure, you need to allow for 3 feet instead of 2.

When Can I Expect Delivery ?

Shipping times vary depending on your model of choice and on the time of year. Delivery can be as quick as 1-2 weeks for in-warehouse stock, and 4-8 weeks during most of the year.

During peak season, delivery time could be 8-12 weeks, so it is best to get your order in as soon as possible.

For an accurate delivery time and to answer all your questions, please call us at 610-467-5728.

Financing ? Sheds Rent To Own ?

Storage Garages for Cars, Small Trucks, and Motorcycles

Protect Your Vehicle From Damaging Sun and Corrosion

A portable garage from Waterloo Structures is a superb solution for people today that wish to protect their vehicles and are on a tight budget or like the comfort of a garage that's portable. Since the dawn of the automobile, folks have in fact had a love occasion with their cars, and now it's less complex to secure them from the elements because of the advancement of Portable Garages.

Taking into consideration the modernization of vehicles, a lot of folks now possess a minimum of at least one car. And they take pleasure in to pamper their vehicles, investing a great deal of money to make them look outstanding and keep them in outstanding form. Unfortunately, many people leave their automobiles in the direct warmth of the sunlight and the outdoor setting, which causes excessive weathering to them.

The adjustment of the environment from the sun to drizzle to snow tarnishes the paint on their automobiles and causes corrosion and mechanical damage. Safeguarding your auto in a single portable garage would prevent untimely aging of your automobiles, extending their life, mechanical performance, and resale worth.

When it is a tight economic environment, many motor vehicle owners can not afford to create an attached garage to store their vehicles. And if they could manage to, there are better methods to invest their cash instead of building a stick built garage. As a real estate market still does not enable them to recover the expense when they offer their residence available for sale.

A totally enclosed A-Frame garage will safeguard a car from the impacts of the sun, snow, and rainfall. Waterloo Structures supplies A-Frame portable garages as a budget-friendly alternative, and they are readily available in numerous measurements, from small garages suitable for bikes, ATVs, and watercraft to larger ones for recreational vehicle vehicles.

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