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About Us

Waterloo Structures: Unlimited Possibilities for Your Home

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Why Choose Us

At Waterloo Structures, we utilize our decades of construction experience to construct storage sheds and custom structures for our customers in the Mid-Atlantic area and beyond. Providing our clientele with the expert competency required to produce an ideally tailored finished product.

Our low-overhead operation and manufacturer direct product imply we can build the greatest quality products possible at lower costs than any of our competitors, passing the benefits of our business technique on to you. With Waterloo Structures buildings and the construction, you get world-class build quality, performance and sturdiness at a fraction of market rates, enabling you to put more resources into total home enhancement.

  • Focus On craftsmanship

    Focus on craftsmanship is almost an old idea in the age of mass production, our sheds, and other storage solutions are designed to remember a time of remarkable craftsmanship and quality. Every shed we craft is built to centuries-old Amish requirements, utilizing high-quality materials and time evaluated structure methods to develop structures with a lifetime of utility potential. A shed is meant to safeguard the products from within; our storage structures are specifically created to do it much better and for longer than comparable sheds.
  • Your Structure, Your Place

    Waterloo Structures likewise offers advanced placement and better setup than competing firms due to our Storage Shed Mule technology. This specially created shipment equipment is crafted to make access to areas that would be impossible with traditional delivery techniques. Quick and easy along with allowing you more versatility in the final placement of your structure.
  • Your Satisfaction Is Paramount

    Waterloo Structures is proud to offer extremely cost-efficient adjustable storage options and property structures not just to satisfy expectations, however, surpass them. Our group of construction experts can work with you to develop the ideal structure with your requirements and develop it to last a lifetime.
  • We Deliver Our Products

    We have been offering customized tailored buildings to clients in Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, Delaware, Connecticut and Virginia locations in addition to the surrounding areas for generations, and we stake our collective credibility on every structure we produce. Call us today to speak to our representatives about our full line of customized built storage solutions.


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